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5 big bathroom trends right now!

1) Major color shift

For the past decade or so, we have all played it safe when it comes to bathroom design. We’ve all stuck to white bathrooms, which are clean and great, however we are undergoing a shift now. We are seeing great color tones pop up such as soft neutrals and rich jewel tones. Also, a black and white statement which can be super cool with a neutral compliment piece.

2) Open showers are the way to go

These unique italian open concept showers are taking the industry by storm! Especially those that are multi-functional and fully equipped: integrated bench, misting system, ambient lighting, anti-fog mirror, linear drain, etc. The new trend is also to include the tub in the shower area! A shower/bath space can be separated from the rest of the bathroom with a glass wall. The advantage of such a look? The bathroom looks a lot more spacious. We often notice separating walls with black frames – giving the space a loft-like look.

3) Plumbing fixtures

The main shift with plumbing fixtures is with toilets and bathtubs. The trend in toilets is to go with a sleek, tankless style. Tankless meaning that the mount is behind the wall. This gives an exquisite and modern look to any bathroom. Many trendy setups will just have a button on the side to flush. Next up is bathtubs. The new trend is to completely ditch the tub/shower combo and go for a separate shower and a free-standing tub. Tubs are coming in unusual shapes and some different materials, really making a statement in featured areas of the bathroom. These unique tubs are completely on trend!

4) The Power Powder room

This is definitely one place in the house to go absolutely crazy..in an artistic way. Eccentric wallpapers and warhol-esk art pieces are just a few ideas we are seeing! Since the space is rather small, opting for more luxurious materials is more affordable. We are seeing metallic wallpaper on accent walls or tiling from the floor to the ceiling. Sinks are also rather unique with interesting shapes and designs in concrete or marble. This room will be mostly used by guests so invite them into your deepest you and use this an expression room!

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