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8 exciting ideas for converting your cellar

8 exciting ideas for converting your cellar

Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve and add value to their home. If you are too, then now might be a good time to take a closer look at your cellar. 

This seemingly uninhabitable and useless space might not look like much, but even the smallest cellars have the potential to be transformed into something practical and beautiful.

Whether you want an office, a game room or a gym, transforming your cellar is truly an ideal solution.

So, what can I convert my cellar into?

Here are 8 ideas on how to make the best out of your cellar space:



As anyone with kids will tell you, your living room can become invaded by a mountain of toys and children’s things. This is natural, kids need to play around, and they can be messy leaving things everywhere. So why not give them an underground space to do that freely while keeping your living room neat and tidy? Consider easily-cleaned materials like tiles and linoleum for the flooring and walls, choose bright colors for décor and make sure the room is adequately lit and ventilated.

Home Gym


The hardest thing about working out is often just getting to the gym, so what if the gym was just a flight of stairs from your home? The ability to get fit without even leaving your home is very convenient, and can have a significantly positive impact on your life (not to mention on the resale value!). Go for rubber or carpeting flooring to provide comfort and a good foot grip.

Wine Cellar


This cellar conversion is perfect for refined wine connoisseurs who only want the best conditions for their bottles. The basement is a fantastic environment in which to store wine and other spirits, due to the lack of light and usually low temperatures.

It’s important to make sure the space is well-ventilated and to remove humidity from the air, otherwise the corks will shrink, causing the wine to evaporate and oxidize. Another good idea is to waterproof the basement, to keep moisture levels to a minimum.

Home Cinema

Home Cinema

Underground rooms are an amazing spot for home cinemas, as they let in minimal light and lower noise pollution from the outside, which creates the perfect environment for a great cinematic experience. Make sure the materials used are comfortable and sturdy, and that humidity is under control.

Game Room

Game RoomKids, teens and adults of all ages can enjoy this room, and it can be a space for get-togethers and great fun! 

The ideal cellar for a game room would be big enough for a pool table, some arcade games, and maybe even a ping pong or baby foot table. Video gamers can also set up a gaming station, and the acoustics will add a touch of enjoyment to the gaming experience.

Music Studio


For talented artists and performers – whether they are a painter, dancer or musician – a great cellar conversion idea is to use it as a studio. Whether art is a hobby or a job for you, your own studio can really lend itself to increased productivity. Soundproof walls and humidity management are both key to keeping cellar studios (and equipment) safe and enjoyable.



A home study or office is an upgrade for any professional or academic. Having your own space to work or study in increases focus and creativity, and can offer a quiet place when the house gets loud. Focus on good lighting and minimalist decoration, and make sure you add a well-placed router so you can connect to the internet when needed.

Home Bar


Last but not least, an amazing use of your cellar would be to turn it into your own bar. It can provide a safe place for people to gather and enjoy themselves, and is a great idea for houses in rural areas where bars are few and far between. Fit your cellar bar with furniture and games (every bar needs a dartboard) to give it that authentic pub feel.

As you can see, a cellar can become a central space in your home, perfectly amenable to your specific needs. Reach out when you’ve decided to convert your cellar and we’ll make your dream room become a reality!

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