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Best Kitchen Color Ideas & Trends for 2023

Best Kitchen Color Ideas

A Splash Life

The latest looks splash into all aspects of interior design, including kitchens. This implies that future kitchen remodels will change as smart designs and technology work together to build a modern home.
Trend forecasters say we’re entering a neutral-color zone, with form taking center stage. But there’s so much more – keep reading to see the kitchen trends of 2023 that will light up any décor!


1- An Enlightened Look 

All current kitchen color combinations are heading toward lighter, brighter places. So, the space should be well lit regardless of the design or final appearance. Furthermore, large windows, bright colors, and reflective matte materials will intensify the glow in the future years.



2- Family Centric

With a trend veering to more light, its layout designs favor more comfortable, friendly places with ample seats for the entire family. Combining comfort and design is critical for modern family-friendly settings, particularly in smaller units where functionality and efficiency need to be upheld.
Furthermore, four-legged family members can be accommodated with pet-feeding stations elegantly incorporated into upgraded kitchen islands or side cabinets.


3- Ecologically impactful


Organic, eco-friendly green design is becoming more popular and accessible. Unless recycled, plastic is out, and natural, environmentally derived materials are on the table.
The green movement is here to stay, thanks to an increased understanding of the environmental effect of interior design and the availability of new materials.  To follow suit, we recommend using ethically sourced, sustainable, and recyclable materials.


4- Contrast is Key

Kitchen color combinations, particularly two-tone wood kitchens are becoming increasingly fashionable, but it’s more than just the contrast that makes them appealing. Multi-material kitchens are expected to become more popular in kitchen remodel ideas this year.
This means that wood, stone, and ceramics will coexist with new and emerging materials. The end outcome will undoubtedly be aesthetically and texturally appealing.

5- Matte Or Satin Finishes



Matt and Satin kitchen cabinet doors are more popular than Gloss because they provide a warmer, less-polished appearance. Aim for relaxing modern hues like greens, blues, and neutrals.

If you’re up for it, matte black is a daring and classy option. Many people prefer handleless doors for a cleaner, more streamlined appearance.

6- Bold & Eye-Catching

Geometric-shaped tiles create a statement and match the remainder of a kitchen’s simpler lines, such as flat panel doors and a uniform-colored worktop.

Marble splashbacks look great as they add to the beauty of the kitchen and get noticed as soon as you walk in. We will undoubtedly witness these timeless kitchen colour trends in 2022 / 2023, particularly in larger applications. 


Closing Notes

A kitchen remodel is more than a quick lift-up of your cooking area. If the post-pandemic experience has taught us anything, it’s that kitchens are a place where creativity and practicality work together, and deliver a unique experience for every meal, and every occasion.
As time goes by and homes age, new designs, appliances, and layouts can transform this fundamental section of your home into a uniquely defined space.  

Contact us to learn more about how A2Z Builders can work with you to design, construct, and hand over your modern and functional kitchen. 

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