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Cool home addition Ideas!

1) Put a room over your garage

Now this is not super popular but if you have the proper set up it can be a great way to add space without turning your home into a mess! With the foundation of the garage already in place, all you need are walls and a roof. Once it’s finished, you can rent it out or use it as a guest bedroom. Keep in mind that certain additions like a new roof, Type X fireproof drywall, and vapor barriers will be more expensive than other home addition projects.

2) Add onto your kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen—even on a minor scale—can provide a great return on investment. Expand your kitchen’s square footage by turning a flex space or bump-out addition into a walk-in pantry or breakfast nook. Kitchen remodel projects can cost between $12,000-$20,000 and recoup almost 93% of the cost at resale.

3) Incorporate a mud room

While many homes have entryways, an entire mudroom addition is a handy way to keep shoes, coats, and backpacks all organized in one space. Installing wall hooks, built-in cabinets, lockers, or cubbies during the remodel adds both additional storage and visual appeal. Mudroom additions can cost anywhere from $400 for a minor project in an existing room to $25,000 for a total addition.

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