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Five Tips to Save Money Renovating Your Bathroom

Five Tips to Save Money


We all love our bathrooms. They’re the one place in the house where we can relax and get away from it all—and they’re the first thing visitors see when they enter your home. 

But even if you love your bathroom now, there’s no reason why it can’t be better. So whether you’re looking to redo your existing space entirely or just want to spruce up an area of it, here are some tips for making the most of every dollar spent on this important room:

Step 1: Know Your Limitations

What are the things you can’t change, and what are the things you want to change? It’s important to understand exactly what needs to be done in order to accomplish your goal of a bathroom remodel

If there are any issues that need addressing before starting a renovation, make sure they’re figured out before beginning. Consider getting professional help from someone who has experience with a bathroom remodel and knows how much money it will cost to fix them up.

Make sure that those costs don’t exceed more than one third of your budget for this project.


Step 2: Get A Floor Plan and Budget

Knowing what you need to do in advance is critical, but it’s also important to know the cost of each item. For example, if your bathroom has moldy walls and needs new drywall, that’s going to be pricey. 

You might have some leftover money after fixing up your tub and tile, but don’t forget that there are other costs associated with any renovation project—such as hiring a contractor or buying supplies—that could add up quickly. 

The final step is checking with your homeowner’s insurance company to see if they will cover any of these costs.


Step 3: Focus On Changing One Major Feature

You can also save money by focusing on one major feature: the shower, sink, or tiles. If you are going for a bathroom remodel and want to go for a modern look, focus on the shower. Similarly, if you are renovating a kitchen and want to create more counter space in your kitchen island area, that’s where you should do most of your renovation work. 


Step 4: Reuse, Don’t Replace

If you’re going for a bathroom remodel, it’s a good idea to reuse the existing fixtures. You can replace them with new ones if you want—after all, new is always better than old—but there are also many reasons to keep what you already have.

It will save money. Depending on how old and decrepit your existing fixtures are, replacing them may be more expensive than simply repairing them and adding some upgrades (like a showerhead that uses less water).

You’ll be recycling and reusing materials in an environmentally friendly way (if that’s important to you). The new look will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your home or apartment so that everything looks consistent throughout the space.


Step 5: Ask For Help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of tackling a renovation project, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Friends and family are great resources when it comes to home improvement, as they can lend their expertise and offer valuable advice. 

If you have an especially difficult task ahead of you—like replacing your toilet or installing new plumbing—consider hiring a professional contractor who specializes in bathrooms. 

If your budget is tight but you still want to take on some of the work yourself, try asking friends who are handymen (or women) if they’d be willing to help out with some tasks. 

Finally, social media can also be an excellent resource for finding tips and advice on home improvement projects in general; many people post photos of their own renovations and share information about what worked well for them during their projects.


Final thoughts

If you’ve been thinking about going for a bathroom remodel for a while, now is the time to do it! With these five tips, you can save money on your next bathroom renovation project. 

Remember, planning ahead is key. You don’t want to get stuck with a huge bill or incomplete project because you didn’t think everything through  beforehand. 

So take some time to consider what features are most important and how much money you have available and then get started. 

Contact us to learn more about how A2Z Builders can work with you to design, construct, and hand over a remodeled or rebuilt house  that you can call a home. 

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