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The latest 2023 bathroom trends

The latest 2023 bathroom trends

A bathroom is not just a utilitarian space; it’s a safe zone where people go to destress and recharge. From decorative options to design alterations and tile selections, here are the best 2023 bathroom trends that vitalize bathroom aesthetics.

Bedroom/Bathroom Transitions

Transitional spaces are gaining traction among homeowners who seek more modern layouts in their homes. Merging the primary bedroom with the primary bathroom can be done by installing a sliding glass door between the two spaces. This will let in more natural light and give a spacious feel to both areas. 

Twin shower heads

Postponing your shower and waiting for your partner to be done can be frustrating. One of the 2022 bathroom trends is installing two shower heads in big bathrooms for couples to use simultaneously, making the space both practical and aesthetically symmetric. Pto-tip: selecting black fixtures that contrast with the bathroom’s light color schemes highlights the room and makes it look bigger. 

Bathroom Color Trends 2023

 Bathrooms are usually the first room you enter in the morning and where you get ready or relax. Opting for the right bathroom paint color is essential for the ambiance of the room and can give homeowners a sense of calm and serenity. Here are some of the bathroom color trends that continue to stick out in 2022.

Peaceful Blue

Although this isn’t a new bathroom color trend, blue bathroom walls continue to be in high demand. The beauty of this color is that every shade changes the feel of your room. Light blue prompts health and tranquility. Indigo or navy add luxury to the bathroom, while turquoise conjures a beachy atmosphere and fits perfectly with materials like bamboo or wood. 

Classic White

White never goes out of style. Opting to paint your bathroom white and adding white fixtures gives the space a clean look and allows you to use bolder colors, unique accents, and some greenery to make your bathroom pop.

 Bold Black

In 2023, bathroom design tried to break the stigma of the conventional use of black and white. Homeowners are making bold changes in their bathrooms by incorporating black cabinets, matte black bathtubs, and other fixtures. Painting your bathroom black is a surefire way to give your bathroom a lustrous and modern look.

Earthy Green


Simple green hues are very popular right now. They go hand-in-hand with the bathroom trend of connecting with nature by either merging the outdoors with the indoors or creating its feel. Green tiles are in this year as they give comfort and rejuvenation and pair well with white fixtures and wood.

Bathroom tile trends 2023

Bathroom trends 2023 have seen unique uses of materials such as tiles to create an edgier bathroom aesthetic.

Wood-like tiles


As we saw previously, natural trends are all the rage in 2023. People are incorporating tactile and organic wood-like tiles in their bathrooms and increasing the feel of indoor/outdoor merging.

Patterned tiles with patterned wallpaper

Eye-catching and experimental tiles are being used by homeowners as maximalist bathroom interior design trends of 2023. Playing with artistic wallpaper, vibrant palettes, and assorted materials modernizes your powder room and gives it more personality.

Chevron tiles

Remarkable chevron tiles are back in the game with bolder modifications, such as v-shaped and zigzag patterns pushing the envelope of bathroom tile trends with a variety of colorful ceramics and stones. 

Hexagon tiles

One of the most beloved bathroom floor tile trends of 2023, hexagon tiles originated in the Victorian era and have influenced many house designs since. Matching simple hexagon tile patterns with marble provides your bathroom with a luxurious design that’s a mix between vintage and modern.  

Luminous Bathroom Interiors

Small bathroom trends 2023 have seen an increase in LED lighting. Brighter bathrooms are in demand as lights emphasize the décor and add a touch of sophistication to the interior.

Digital features

With the rise of technology, bathrooms are being upgraded to include high-tech features such as smart toilets with seat warmers, automatic lid lifts, and built-in deodorizers. With the Covid-19 pandemic, touchless faucets with sensor control are being introduced to increase hygiene. Bluetooth sound systems, automatic showers, heated flooring systems, and other technological innovations that help make the space cozier will keep making their way into bathroom trends in 2023.

Final thoughts

From natural and minimalist approaches to maximalist statement pieces, 2023 bathroom trends have covered it all. A2Z Builders aims to design, construct, remodel your bathroom, and transform it into your personalized day-spa. 

Contact us to learn more about our bathroom remodel process and get more insight into what is trending.

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