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What month should I renovate my home?


Are you considering doing some home remodeling but are asking yourself, is now a good time to renovate my house? The truth is, there isn’t necessarily one month where you can do your remodel projects altogether. Weather, cost, and the nature of the renovations play a huge role in picking the right time. This blog will discuss the pros and cons of every season when it comes to home renovation


Autumn brings cooler weather for contractors to work on outside renovations. It is the best time for a house remodel only if you already planned from early spring/summer.


Nicer weather: autumn weather makes it easier for workers and home renovation contractors to get the job done. Moreover, fall helps you save up on electricity expenses since you wouldn’t need to use the air conditioning to keep the house cool.

Empty house: the fall time is usually perfect for families looking to remodel their houses because kids are back to school and adults are at work. With nobody home, contractors wouldn’t have to worry about disturbing any house residents hence they’ll get the job done faster and without distractions. 

Saving money: Peak season for home renovation contractors is between May and July. Fall and winter are considered off-season. Contractors will be looking for work and hence have more time, materials will be cheaper, and the house renovation will be cost-effective.


The weather might get cold: autumn may not be suited for outdoor renovation projects, especially if they require more time and warmer weather. A home renovator may face hindrances such as weather fluctuations, rainfall, and chilly temperature that can delay the work. 





Winter is the best time for indoor renovations. Whether you’re interested in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom remodeling, winter months are perfect to satisfy all your decor needs. When thinking about a winter remodel, it’s best to start planning in late summer/early fall.



Least-popular time of the year to renovate: winter is usually the coldest time of year and people are busy running around prepping for the holidays. In other words, it’s the perfect time to hire a home renovator that will work meticulously on your indoor projects and breathe new life into your abode. 

A wider range of contractors to choose from: as mentioned before, fall and winter are considered off-season. You will have access to numerous options if you search for “home renovation contractors near me”, that wouldn’t be available during spring-summer. 

Cost-effective home renovation: contractors may offer discounts during the off-season or hook you up with cheaper materials. 


Waiting for the material: since winter is an off-season, materials may take longer to arrive or be available for house renovation projects.

Fewer hours of daylight: With winter comes shorter days hence shorter work hours.

Bigger electricity expenses: with limited daylight hours comes higher electrical bills. House owners will need more lights for contractors to keep working after sunset, or the project may take double the time. 

Difficult weather: storms, rains, and icy weather can delay house renovation and interfere with holiday celebrations.



Spring is the season for new beginnings. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor remodels from windows, doors, and patios projects, to basement waterproofing, bathroom remodels, foundation repairs, and more. It is best to start planning for a spring remodel in late fall/early winter.


Pleasant weather: during spring you don’t have to worry about the weather being too cold or too hot which gives you more flexibility to work on interior and exterior house renovations.

Perfect time for landscaping: spring is the season to tackle any landscaping project so that your house and basement are summer ready. 

Detect issues in the house: spring cleaning helps house owners identify problems inside their homes, such as moisture and air conditioning issues. Using a power washer to clean the outside also helps find cracks or damages that may call for a re-siding. 


Excess moisture brought by rain and snow thawing: spring might not be the best season to work on projects that include waterproofing and excavating. 

The peak season for contractors: trying to book a contractor during spring is next to impossible; it’s best to plan during winter.




Summer is most popular when it comes to house renovations. People begin planning after the holidays so they can start construction between June and August. 


Best weather and timing: summer is known for warm and dry climates, making it the perfect season for projects like roof renovations. These types of projects can be dangerous during the winter due to the cold weather.

More daylight: longer days give home renovation contractors plenty of extra time during the day so renovations can be quicker.


Kids are home: school is out which can cause delays or hiccups for contractors who work around children.

High humidity and heat: heat waves can affect some painting jobs and cause workers to get tired easily. 

Peak season: if not booked earlier, contractors and materials may not be available. 


The best time for house renovations is a matter of personal preference and will depend on the climate in your area, your availability and schedule, and the specific renovations you have in mind. Contact A2Z Builders to get a proper plan and estimate on your next home remodel project.

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