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7 Remodeling trends right now!

1) Upgraded Appliances

There’s new technology available everywhere we turn, and that includes many new features for kitchen appliances. Installing fridges with filters that keep produce fresh, have speed chill options, touchscreen technology, and energy efficiency advances— as well as hidden dishwashers that boast AquaSense Recycling, MicroClean features and customization options are all upgrades ready for homeowner takeover in 2020.

2) Wall Features

It’s all in the beautiful details when it comes to eye-catching kitchens, and those details shine as accent walls as we head into 2020. Counter-to-ceiling tile backsplashes or patterned wallpaper shows off homeowner personality and will take center stage in upcoming kitchen makeovers.

3) Quartz Countertops

While we wouldn’t say that marble or granite countertops are going out of style, in 2020 we’ll see an uptick in quartz counters in kitchens and bathrooms. Both their slighter lower cost and color variations are selling points for quarts as it grows in popularity in the coming year.

4) Oversized Hardware

Oversized hardware, especially on drawer pulls, is an easy and stylish way to modernize the kitchen. Hardware color trends include matte black and brushed nickel, as well as mixed hardware on top and bottom sets of cupboards. Other popular colors for the coming year are gold and copper, giving a kitchen an eye-catching pop of color without tackling a major renovation project.

5) Glass Cabinetry

As Americans cut back on clutter, the result is more organized dishware, ready to stand the test of display. Top-glass cabinets, or even just a single set in the kitchen, are boldly bringing back the style trend of the ’90s with panache.

6) Color

Kitchen color is nothing to shy away from in 2020. From homeowners that opt-in for colored cabinets, to those who go for a more conservative pop of color through artwork and glassware displays.

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